Reflection: Real World Applications Introduction to Sherlock Holmes - Section 2: Who is Sherlock Holmes


I teach this lesson in the spring, usually the end of March or April, when seniors begin to feel the full effects of 'senioritis' and it's all I can do to keep them in their desks.  It probably doesn't help that Montana is starting to unthaw around this time and everyone has an eye out the window toward the mountains. 

I like teaching this unit because we focus on genre studies and because Sherlock Holmes has reentered pop consciousness.  Students like the beefed up bare-knuckle Sherlock played by Robert Downey Jr. and when I show them the Jeremy Brett or Basil Rathbone evolutions there the possibilities for great discussion about the evolution of a character and why it's important for a character to be able to change in order to stay popular. 

In a fast-paced information overloaded culture, it's important for students to see the cyclical nature of stories and to understand why certain stories have relevance at certain times. I suspect that in another two to three years I will set aside the Sherlock Holmes stories and pick up, Allan Quartermain's  or some other bygone pop hero. 


  The Relevance of Pop Culture
  Real World Applications: The Relevance of Pop Culture
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Introduction to Sherlock Holmes

Unit 10: Sherlock Holmes & Detective Fiction
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT understand background information and historical context of the Sherlock Holmes stories

Big Idea: What makes a genre of popular fiction still readable 130 years later?

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English / Language Arts, genre classification, background knowledge, detective fiction, Cultural Context, Sherlock Holmes
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sherlock holmes
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