Reflection: Organizational Systems Exploring Detective Fiction - Section 4: Rapid Research


This year is the first year that our school has switched to BYOD, bring your own device, in the classrooms.  Cell phones have been out in full force, and with limited or no cell service at school the distractions aren't so much texting and ringing devices as they are covert game playing and cyberbullying. For some teachers BYOD has meant an added headache, and no cellphone policies in individual classrooms.  

I've tried to take a middle ground, incorporating cellphone use directly into my classroom by creating assignments and activities that require cell use. Quick activities like rapid research encourage students to make use of the cell phone as a way to gather information and to use various apps responsibly. 

I also encourage students to take notes on their phones, and to download the texts we are reading to their phones or an e-reader. 

Cell phones aren't going away, and the best we can do for students is to teach them responsible use.  Outright bans haven't worked for me in the past, so I'm willing to try something new. 


  Using Cell Phones in the Classroom
  Organizational Systems: Using Cell Phones in the Classroom
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Exploring Detective Fiction

Unit 10: Sherlock Holmes & Detective Fiction
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT the basic elements of detective fiction

Big Idea: What are the basic characteristics of the detective story genre?

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English / Language Arts, genre classification, background knowledge, Cultural Context, Sherlock Holmes, detective fiction
  50 minutes
detective fiction
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