Reflection: Relevance Lesson Three: Evaluating genre characteristics with endorsement letters - Section 4: Student Speeches


What a wonderful time I had with watching students present and share their research with peers. All presentations had great delivery, content, visual, and group dynamics. Nonetheless, what hindered most groups from receiving A's on the presentation was their extensive knowledge of their subject and maintaining confidence throughout the presentation. Check out my genre characteristics projects video to hear some wonderful examples of what students placed in their endorsements. To gather a final grade for each project, I took the average of the scores for the paper and presentation.

While many students were not pleased with their endorsement letter grades, the rubric provided explicit instructions on how to create a GREAT learning product. Even in the differentated learning product from my regular classes

biography cardfiction card, fiction card 2, and fiction card 3

all students had to work with the characteristics in their genres to support a piece of literature and its effective use of each characteristic. From this project, students learned the value of research, writing, and argument. I will absolutely do this project again!

  Relevance: Genre Projects
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Lesson Three: Evaluating genre characteristics with endorsement letters

Unit 7: Genre Characteristics
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: SWBAT uses evidence and details to compare and contrast characteristics found in two genres of literature.

Big Idea: Big Ideas: Speak Up when Supporting Genre Characteristics in Literature!

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