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Using realia in the classroom makes learning fun and hands-on for your students. Allowing them to use things that they experience every day to learn a concept helps solidify that concept in their minds. When they have learning experiences with familiar objects, students can concentrate on understanding the concept rather than the novelty of the objects they are using as tools. In this lesson they use objects utilized in the classroom everyday to compare weight. This allows my students to focus on the aspect of how heavy each object is compared to another. One student commented on how she had never realized a pair of scissors is heavier than a crayon, but it's good that she knows that now.

  Using realia helps kids relate
  Real World Applications: Using realia helps kids relate
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Wow! That's Heavy!

Unit 13: How Does It All Measure Up?
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Objective: SWBAT identify which object is heavier or lighter when presented with two objects by comparing them.

Big Idea: Kindergarteners grasp the basic concepts of measurement quickly and this lesson provides a fun experience learning about weight.

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Math, Measurement, length, weight
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