Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Conferencing - Section 1: Why Conference to Edit?


Conferencing really serves as a perfect chance for my students and myself to check in!  I think it is important to continually assess students' work because I like to provide feedback throughout their work process.  Besides allowing me the chance to provide students with guidance and feedback, conferencing with them also allows me to help build their conceptual understanding.  It is always better for students to see something when it's within their own work.  I think it's important to show students specific editing skills inside of their rough drafts because they really soak in the concepts more easily.  In the end, conferencing allows everyone to work together to deepen learning.

  How to really use conferencing
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: How to really use conferencing
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Unit 7: Writer's Workshop
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT take suggestions from the teacher and their peers to make needed changes in order to better their writing.

Big Idea: Mr. Editor... Y isn't evry thang purrrfect?

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