Reflection: Checks for Understanding What are the Pieces of the Puzzle? Collecting Story Elements - Section 2: Independent Practice and Closing


Student written work can be a great tool to use for assessments. Students take notes on their books, recording details about the characters and settings in the book. Students show that they understanding the details that an author uses to describe setting and characters. As an assessment, it can also be used to show what a students thinks is important about the characters and setting. Another useful way that these notes can be used is when you are meeting with a student, one-on-one, you can ask students to not only explain their choices but also show evidence from the text that supports thier ideas. Finally, students can also use their notes to self assess when they meet with their book club. They can add to their notes as the group discusses each character or setting and they can change details if they misunderstood them when they were working alone.

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  Checks for Understanding: Tool for Assessment
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What are the Pieces of the Puzzle? Collecting Story Elements

Unit 12: Discovering Struggle in Historical Fiction
Lesson 4 of 16

Objective: SWBAT determine important characters, setting, and/or plot in their historical fiction book.

Big Idea: Students make note of the important parts of the story to help them make connections between the parts later.

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