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I realized about three minutes into the Creating Symmetry section of the lesson that I had assigned a task that was really difficult for most students.  I thought my students would not have any trouble coming up with a design that would demonstrate symmetry since they were able to fold and draw lines on a symmetrical image. Even though I modeled the steps, many struggled with the concept of moving the pieces from side to opposite side to create the mirror image. I think perhaps learning to use a "Mira" may have helped some students. This tactile method of creating the symmetry was a different concept and rigorous task. Therefore, I assessed their understanding through their Educreations task, since that is what the standard expects. However, CCSS is the baseline and it allows us the freedom to build, challenge and create rigorous lessons that push the student farther.

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Discovering the Meaning of Line Symmetry

Unit 5: Geometry
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT identify the lines of symmetry in a two dimensional figure.

Big Idea: Creating a beautiful design from three polygonal figures helps a student discover and understand the meaning of symmetry.

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Math, Geometry, Symmetry, Hands on Activity, creativity, critical thinking
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