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The big idea of this lesson is to strengthen and develop students' metacognition.  I'm asking students to do a complex task. They have to be aware of their thinking and stay focused on the theme they are investigating.  Students are annotating the text to cite the evidence for their claim.  Lastly they are sharing their thinking with classmates in a small group setting.

The small group share provided numerous opportunities for students to see how multiple themes run through a text.  As they listened to their classmates share their claim statements and cite evidence they experienced of different points of view and hear how different themes can be justified.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Developing Metacognition
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Tracking Multiple Themes in a Text

Unit 5: Using Mentor Texts
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT identify and cite evidence for multiple themes in a text.

Big Idea: Develop Metacognition: Reading, annotating, and sharing to prove a claim!

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