Reflection: Positive Reinforcement Taking a "Look" at Imagism with a Little Help from LIFE Magazine - Section 3: Application


Ah, my buddy William Carlos Williams (or as I like to say, "the man so nice they named him thrice!").  I love him, and letting your students know when you TRULY love things is so important for building a positive climate and helping them see that it is OKAY (and maybe "cool?") to have joy for learning.  There are a lot of Common Core detractors that try to claim that it's trying to take the joy out of reading, but I completely disagree.  Learning how to critically read can actually IMPROVE the happiness that's derived from reading, which is completely evident in my why-I-love-this-poem video below!

  Modeling Joy with William Carlos Williams
  Positive Reinforcement: Modeling Joy with William Carlos Williams
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Taking a "Look" at Imagism with a Little Help from LIFE Magazine

Unit 8: A Renewed Focus on Modernism
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT recognize the traits of Imagism, discern between abstract and concrete language, and analyze sensory details in images, informational text, and poetry.

Big Idea: How could something so simple, like an Imagistic poem or a photograph, pack such a sensory (and possibly deceptive) wallop? Check it out!

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