Reflection: Trust and Respect Day One: Analyzing Literary Elements in a Story - Section 3: Independent Practice: Finding Literary Elements in Story


Students love to read fiction but fall out of love with using strategies to build comprehension. I always tag a strategy to reading so students are not just skimming or scanning information to answer questions. The piece of fiction selected for this lesson addressed the literary elements of figurative language and meaning, dialect, and denotation. Because it had all of these elements, it made the process of annotating and finding textual evidence of each type easy.

Most of the time when I am selecting a text to annotate, I try to find one comparable to the elements I want students to use when taking notes in the margins. Because annotation can become a tedious task, I want the first interactions of students to be pleasurable. However, there will come a time that annotation will become challenging alongside a complex level of text. In this event, it is essential that students learn multiple starter points for annotating so they can better comprehend literature. 

  Fiction Story Reflection
  Trust and Respect: Fiction Story Reflection
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Day One: Analyzing Literary Elements in a Story

Unit 2: Living Without
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT cite evidences of characters, setting, and plot in Uncle Jabez's Story.

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