Reflection: ELL Students Parallel Structure in MLK Speech - Section 3: Mini Lesson On Parallel Structure


The way I explained parallel structure today is helpful for all my students because they can visually see what we mean by parallelism in language. The students with stronger language skills in my class need explanations like this one because, unfortunately, they have not been engaged in activities where they are thinking of the way language functions. This is an important Common Core skill. When I lined up the phrases that follow the same grammatical pattern, it was an “aha!” moment for many. It provided a visual that made a lot of sense. This was especially helpful for my English learners and struggling students because they need information on any topic presented to them in a variety of ways. 

  Teaching Parallel Structure
  ELL Students: Teaching Parallel Structure
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Parallel Structure in MLK Speech

Unit 11: Speech/Talk
Lesson 4 of 12

Objective: SWBAT learn an important rhetorical device, parallel structure, through a mini lesson and by collaborating with a partner to identify examples of this.

Big Idea: Students are learning devices they will hopefully use when they begin to draft their own speech.

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