Reflection: Data Analysis Myth Madness: Apollo vs Hephaestus, Day 2 - Section 1: The Writing Process


It is interesting to see the way students fill in graphic organizers for this writing project. Some write so few details that I wonder how they will remember what to say when the rough draft process begins. When asked, I often hear "There's a lot going on in my head about what to write. On the organizer I make sure I have all the parts, you know - a beginning, middle and end. Then I'm ready to add lots of detail in the rough draft." Of course there's also another set of students who fill in the graphic organizer with complete sentences and some even include transitions! They explain it this way "Thinking in sentences comes natural. It's more work not to. Besides, it makes the rough draft easier." In both cases, the proof comes in the final product: if the student creates a well organized final product then I don't mess with his process. If the final product is less than proficient, then a careful analysis of how that student moves through each step of the writing process is undertaken.

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  Data Analysis: The way students use the graphic organizers...
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Myth Madness: Apollo vs Hephaestus, Day 2

Unit 12: Argument Reading & Writing
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: Write short arguments based on research that demonstrate focus and organization and include supporting details.

Big Idea: Details make the difference in the contest between these two Olympian gods.

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