Reflection: Student Ownership With Great Power...(Part 2) - Section 2: Design


This lesson is appropriate because it capitalizes on the strong desire that students at this age have to make a difference in their world, especially as it relates to ecological issues.  This lesson also helps to make the connection between the small scale engineering projects we have been working on in the classroom to applying the engineering design process to solve pressing, real-world issues.  In addition to engineering, this lesson also addresses several ELA objectives and provides an opportunity for writing across the curriculum.

It would be most appropriate to use this lesson following multiple hands-on engineering design projects.

  Leveraging Student Motivation
  Student Ownership: Leveraging Student Motivation
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With Great Power...(Part 2)

Unit 1: Building a Classroom
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT identify ways humans have made significant impact on Earth, and develop a potential solution to an identified problem.

Big Idea: What could you design that would help to solve a human caused problem on Earth?

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Science, Social Studies, Ecology, Science Skills, engineering design process, Engineering Practices
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