Reflection: Checks for Understanding Find the Area of the Model House Day 1 - Section 2: Guided Practice


During today's lesson, I notice some common struggles.

1. Adding the areas of smaller rectangles: Here are two examples of this: Challenges with Adding up Multiple Products and Correct Multiplication, Challenges with Adding Areas of Smaller Rectangles.

Fix: I ask the student to line the digits up in columns and use the algorithm to add numbers up. I also encourage students to use calculators to check their answers so that they can catch mistakes right away. 

2. Decomposing large rectangles into more than two smaller rectangles (such as 24 x 16). Even though, I asked students to choose a medium-sized room to begin with today, some chose larger rooms and I didn't notice until it was too late! Here's an example: Challenges with Decomposing 23x16 into Workable Numbers.

Fix: I remind these students that they can decompose larger rectangles into more than just two rectangles next time. 

  Checks for Understanding: Common Struggles
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Find the Area of the Model House Day 1

Unit 14: Area & Perimeter
Lesson 8 of 19

Objective: SWBAT use smaller rectangles to find the area of a room.

Big Idea: Students decompose the first rooms in their home into smaller rectangles to find the total area of the room.

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