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In order of kindergarteners to develop a conceptual understanding of non-concrete things, like verbs, we need to give our kids many experiences with the material.  What better way to give students repeated exposure to verbs than to provide them with a joyful experience like acting things out with a partner?  I love watching my students enjoy learning verbs through acting them out.  I also love seeing my students ATTEMPT to act out words that aren't verbs and learn for themselves that, 'oops, that isn't a verb after all.'  When students are in charge of their own learning and have to determine whether they are correct or not, they end up truly learning the material and owning it!

  Why is this a center?
  Joy: Why is this a center?
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Verb Sorting

Unit 9: Language Skills
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT determine whether or not a word is a verb.

Big Idea: Make it fun, make it meaningful and students will learn those verbs!

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