Reflection: Intervention and Extension Sailing into Good Writing with the Gingerbread Pirates - Section 2: Procedure


My students love the idea of pirates--a little wild, adventurous, treasure seeking, dangerous. The group had earned a class party shortly after this lesson and they chose to have a pirate party.  Everyone dressed as Bonny pirates (For those who forgot, we had a bin of pirate dress-up clothes so that they could borrow.)  We did thematic work all day and eventually, we followed clues and went on a treasure hunt. For snack, we cut hot dogs part way up and boiled them so the ends curled up to make tentacles and looked like octopi.  We served blue lemonade and goldfish crackers, too.  Sometimes the simplest of lessons spurs on new "adventures".

I have included a list of pirate ideas for you to go on your own adventures.

  Intervention and Extension: Sailing into something bigger
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Sailing into Good Writing with the Gingerbread Pirates

Unit 8: A Dozen Gingerbread Treats
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Objective: SWBAT extend a story by writing a postcard about further adventures. Student Objective: I can imagine and write a postcard about the Gingerbread Pirates other adventures.

Big Idea: Extending a story can build comprehension. There are different was to write out our thoughts.

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