Reflection: Sharing Our Ideas Through Media - Section 5: Wrap-Up


This project was very interesting.  I thought it would be hard for the children to do this, but they are natives to technology.  I didn't even have to explain how to create their Gami, they just started creating it as soon as it popped up.  I think sometimes, we forget how easily they adapt to technology.


I was slightly disappointed that this app only lets you talk for 30 seconds.  The children wanted to explain so much more, but had to cut some of their dialogue to make it fit.  Some of them talked super fast to fit it all in.  Now knowing how short this actually is, I will be more prepared next time we do this and have the children stick to the most important parts.


But overall, this was a great activity.  It correlates to the speaking and listening section of the Common Core and relates to science.  It works out really well when the two disciplines can be tied together!

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Sharing Our Ideas Through Media

Unit 5: Building Towers and the Engineering Design Process
Lesson 16 of 16

Objective: The SWBAT create, share and publish their own work to describe the process of building their paper towers.

Big Idea: Engineers share their ideas and so do we! The children will create a cartoon-like character and a voice-recording of the steps they took to design their tower!

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