Reflection: Journaling Those Darn Squirrels Are Great Engineers! - Section 2: Follow-up Questions


Since this was a follow-up, I did not incorporate every step in a lesson that I normally would have. The first part of the lesson Those Darn Squirrels! directly involved more of the NGSS.  The last part helped tie-in some of the Common Core Literature standards.  I think it just makes sense to integrate the two together so my day flows together seamlessly.  It helps to strengthen the children's understanding of science when you read about it during other parts of the day instead of keeping it separated.  

  Common Core Tie-In
  Journaling: Common Core Tie-In
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Those Darn Squirrels Are Great Engineers!

Unit 2: Introduction to the Engineering Process
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: The SWBAT state the specific steps engineers follow to find solutions to problems by identifying how characters respond to a major challenge.”

Big Idea: Even squirrels can be engineers by following steps in the design process.

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