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It is gratifying to see the connections that they make between our study of ancient Greece in social studies class and what we are doing in ELA class. They are able to discern fiction from nonfiction by noting that many of places and events mentioned in the myths really did (or still do) exist. For example, they can locate the city-states of Troy, Athens and Sparta on historical maps and understand that while they sometimes united against a common enemy, oftentimes they vied for control of the region and its resources and sometimes engaged in fierce battles against one another.

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Mythology Reading Groups, Day 8

Unit 11: Mythology
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Objective: Students will realize that myths were created to explain the natural world around them, describe the gods and goddesses that inhabit Greek mythology, and will use a variety of strategies to comprehend this literary genre, such as making predictions and drawing conclusions.

Big Idea: Did you know that Greek myths have standards, rules and expectations that mortal men and women must follow?

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