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When beginning discussions and the structure for them, I like to start with respect. We discuss what respect is and how we show respect. I further explain that respect can be given by listening and by being polite. We then discuss what good manners are and I model how we can show both respect and good manners while we discuss with a partner, small group, and as a whole class. 

When I model, I demonstrate how I raise my hand, use polite words, and se the words "I agree, and I disagree." I explain to them that when we use the words agree and disagree, we can politely then give our opinion or thoughts with out coming across as rude. I model how this looks and the expectations I have for them. I then ask the class to tell me of they saw any examples of respect or good manners in my demonstration. I then model rude behavior so that the class not only laughs but also can discuss with me what behaviors are not acceptable. 

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Safety First

Unit 1: Opening Science
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT create safety posters and present to their classmates the reasons we follow directions, especially science.

Big Idea: In order to set up clear expectations we need lessons to help students understand the rules, directions and safety involved in science.

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