Reflection: Routines and Procedures Free Writing And Looking At another Model of Good Oration - Section 2: Free Writing


Students seldom believe me when I say that free writing can help them brainstorm ideas and that it is a good process of thinking. However, I do have some students who end up reporting that this was quite an experience. These are students who actually wrote continuously and pushed them selves to search for ideas as they wrote. This student’s free write shows a real effort to search for something that she may be interested in writing about. It is a good idea to make this process part of the writing curriculum as it supports the Common Core standard of writing routinely over varied time frames and for a range of situations. 

  Routines and Procedures: Writing Regularly for Varied Purposes and Tasks
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Free Writing And Looking At another Model of Good Oration

Unit 11: Speech/Talk
Lesson 2 of 12

Objective: SWBAT explore possible topics for their final written assignment by engaging in free writing. SWBAT examine the speech of a master writer, Martin Luther King Jr., by doing a close reading, watching video footage of the speech delivered and discussing the written and oral forms of this speech.

Big Idea: Taking a look at an all time master, Martin Luther King, Jr.

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