Reflection: High Expectations Engaging In the Topic of Speeches/Talks - Section 4: Another TED Talk


The teens delivering these talks are super stars. It makes sense given that TED has so many applicants, they do select pretty special people. This may be intimidating for students, but the discussion can work to see it not as an intimidating trek uphill, but as a real source of inspiration and something to shoot for. I plan on giving students opportunities to brainstorm ideas so that they can select a topic they have interesting things to say about. I also need to look for other samples that appear more doable for my student population.

  These TED Talks Are Models of Excellent Talks
  High Expectations: These TED Talks Are Models of Excellent Talks
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Engaging In the Topic of Speeches/Talks

Unit 11: Speech/Talk
Lesson 1 of 12

Objective: SWBAT engage with the topic of speeches and talks by watching and discussing two excellent talks written and delivered by teens.

Big Idea: Getting inspiration from two excellent models of what I am asking students to do for their final assignment of the year.

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