Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Using a Mentor Text to Build Theories about Characters - Section 2: Independent Reading


During independent reading students are reading and writing post-its related to the mini-lesson or as this video demonstrated working on transferring titles completed from their reading logs to a log that lists all the books students have finished so far.  

I created this document as a unit check point that I will use in the future when I am teaching students to grow theories about their characters.   This kind of student work will give me concrete documentation of which students demonstrate the skill of growing ideas about their characters. Growing idea about characters is an important skill once readers are in N level books and above.  In the lower levels of books, characters tend not to have as rich inner lives as characters in higher level books.

For example, it is hard to grow ideas about Jack and Annie in the Magic Tree House series because these characters are two-dimensional.  They do not have rich inner lives.  Rather, in lower levels of books, I teach students to pay attention to the plot.  Focusing their attention on the sequence of events and  learning while reading.  The Magic Tree House series and similar series at the M level are great books to teach students that they can learn about real things while reading fiction.  They can learn about specific places and time periods.

  Diverse Entry Points: Independent Reading
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Using a Mentor Text to Build Theories about Characters

Unit 5: Using Mentor Texts
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT use stated details and inferences to build theories about the characters in their independent reading books.

Big Idea: Characters are deliberate creations to convey ideas.

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