Reflection: Station Rotation The Gingerbread Boy versus the Gingerbread Girl - Section 3: Assessment


Later in the day, the children participate in literacy stations that review information that has already been taught.  Since kindergarten children learn at differing rates, I don't want to limit myself to teaching an activity once and then moving on, but with so many curricular areas to cover, I find that the best way to reteach and review is during our station time.  One of the simple activities that I use is a roll the die game of "decorating" a gingerbread boy or a girl cut-out.   Part of the student's responsibilities is to make the character look distinguishable as a boy or girl.  Since gender specific characteristics do not necessarily hold true in today's society.  I really leave it up to the students to determine and explain the characteristics to me.

  Looking at similarities and differences
  Station Rotation: Looking at similarities and differences
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The Gingerbread Boy versus the Gingerbread Girl

Unit 8: A Dozen Gingerbread Treats
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Objective: SWBAT compare two similar stories. Student Objective: I can find things that are the same and that are different in two stories.

Big Idea: Comparing and contrasting parts of a story strengthens students' ability to remember key content.

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