Reflection: Lesson Planning Writing a Crime Report of Homer Barron’s Murder, Day 1 of 3 - Section 3: Students Draft the First Part of the Crime Report


I am rushing students through the first part of this report today. I am risking sloppy work. However, when I looked at the work they got done, it seems fine. These first four sections feel like a comprehensive overview of the entire case. Students did keep these sections short and that helped them stick to the most important details. I think this will help them write the conclusion. The student sample above, for example, did a good job of listing all the pertinent details of the crime scene, like the toilet set and the men clothing and the position of these items. This should help this student understand that the crime scene paints a picture of a woman gifting her lover and then holding on to him at all cost. 

  Rushing Through the First Four Sections
  Lesson Planning: Rushing Through the First Four Sections
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Writing a Crime Report of Homer Barron’s Murder, Day 1 of 3

Unit 8: A Rose For Emily
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT establish the appropriate tone in this written report by learning of the difference between subjective and objective and following some guidelines to take on each of these two points of view.

Big Idea: Students need specific language to hide or reveal their opinion, depending on the task.

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