Reflection: Introduction to Locating Sources - Section 4: Two-Minute Warning: Reminders About Tomorrow


Students always have questions. And half of a period (after the mini-lecture on database access and use) is nowhere nearly enough time for me to assist each individual student with his or her needs, and check they have appropriate and "research-able" topics. Given the shortened period the final day this week (for Homecoming festivities) and extra half-hour will not hurt the students. For the students who have completed their source cards, I will also be providing a self-evaluation. Not only will students be asked to reflect on their successes and struggles about their research, but it will provide me with feedback on the manner in which I presented the citation information.

  One Day is Never Enough
  One Day is Never Enough
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Introduction to Locating Sources

Unit 4: Persuasive Writing: Research and Rhetorical Skills
Lesson 2 of 16

Objective: SWBAT locate sources to provide evidence for persuasive claims by using both traditional card catalogs and on-line database resources, demonstrating understanding by completing source cards.

Big Idea: Today is all about putting what students learned yesterday into practice: locating sources and creating source cards.

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