Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Narrative Or Essay: Where The Writing Qualites Merge - Section 3: Class Discussion: Essay vs. Narrative


The Common Core clearly delineates three different genres of writing: opinion/argument, informative, and narrative. The objectives clearly show the differences between the three and what standards are required for students to master in each. Due to this, many text types are pigeon-holed into certain genres. While that is understandable when teaching specific writing qualities, there is something to be said for the pieces of writing that blur the lines and I think it's important for students to be aware of this.

More than teaching a genre, students need to be aware of purpose. It's okay to use certain qualities from different text types to reach a great purpose in writing. Students are so used to putting their writing and the writing of others in clear cut boxes that this can easily hurt their critical thinking skills. As they move on and hopefully become stronger readers and writers, they need to be aware that many times in the real world good writing is just good writing on its own. There is no clear cut category for it.

  Unclear Distinctions In Text Types
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Unclear Distinctions In Text Types
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Narrative Or Essay: Where The Writing Qualites Merge

Unit 8: Personal Narrative/Memoirs: Reading and Analyzing Mentor Texts
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Objective: SWBAT read a text to determine the differences and similarities between narrative and essay writing.

Big Idea: What makes a piece of writing a story and what makes it an essay? Does it matter as long as it's good writing?

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