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It might see obvious to an adult that if you have 13 chips and you need to divide them into 4 even piles, you will have 1 left over, but for second graders that is not the case. The task is more complex than it sounds because they are not used to the concept of left over. In the past they have added and used all the chips, subtracted and used all the chips, but now I am telling them that they may or may not be able to use all the chips. This is a new concept. 

Students may want to divide a number like 11 into 4 piles and put 2 in each pile and a third in 3 of the piles. The idea that those 3 can be left over confuses them. There are almost enough to have equal amounts in every pile so why not just leave it like that. 

I worked with the groups helping students to make sure that each pile had an equal number of chips and that they took the extras for themselves. The modeling with the chips (MP4) helped to strengthen students grasp of the new concept of equal piles and left overs.

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  Complex Tasks: Left Overs
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Division Strategies

Unit 18: Strategies That Work
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Objective: SWBAT use the concepts of odd and even, and arrays to divide things into equal groups.

Big Idea: It is time to add a new strategy - division of objects into equal groups - to the student's repertoire.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Operations , repeated addition, subtraction, division, arrays, review, estimation
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