Reflection: Relevance Collaborative Analysis Of Mentor Texts - Section 3: Collaborative Analysis


While the Common Core lays out clear objectives and standards of reading and writing, it does not always merge the two. This is incredibly necessary though. Students can not learn how to read without writing and they can't learn how to write without reading. When it comes to narrative, the Common Core does directly give standards for writing, and those objectives are touched on in the narrative writing qualities. The area is a little murky for reading narratives.

I think when reading any type of text, it's important to think about the writing standards for that genre. If we want students to master skills in writing they need to learn how to read as a writer and a lesson like this begins that process. If students can learn how to take apart the writing of a personal narrative, and not just the content, they can really begin to learn how to make decisions for their own writing. While the Common Core is very specific in the standards and skills it wants students to master, teachers need to mindful of the ways to bring reading and writing together in order to improve the overall literacy of our students.

  Blurring The Lines Between Reading And Writing
  Relevance: Blurring The Lines Between Reading And Writing
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Collaborative Analysis Of Mentor Texts

Unit 8: Personal Narrative/Memoirs: Reading and Analyzing Mentor Texts
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use the qualities of narrative writing to analyze mentor texts collaboratively.

Big Idea: Nintendo, Popularity, Gymnast. The list of narratives go on. Using collaboration to analyze and teach others.

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English / Language Arts, Collaboration Strategies, personal narratives, Mentor Texts, narrative, Metaphor
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