Reflection: Pacing Learning The Qualities Of Narrative Writing - Section 3: Mentor Text Analysis: Looking For Qualities


In this lesson, it's important to look for students understanding the qualities that have been thrown at them. There is a lot of material and concepts covered in this lesson that it can be hard for students to fully internalize all of it. While this can be tough, I purposely do this as I don't want to isolate each concept. We will, throughout the next few lessons, spend more time looking at different narratives so students will spend more time understanding them. However, this lesson requires that students have a basic understanding of each quality, and six can be tough to cover in one lesson.

It's important to monitor students in this lesson through various informal assessments. A simple check for understanding works through questioning different students. I think many of them understand the concepts when they take notes but it's its analyzing a mentor text that can be tough. Make sure you pay close attention as students are looking at the mentor text for those qualities. Are they able to find various qualities or are they stuck on one or two? If so, one suggestion is to have them just look at one or two qualities to start. They can always reread a second or third time looking for new qualities.


  Checking For Student Understanding
  Pacing: Checking For Student Understanding
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Learning The Qualities Of Narrative Writing

Unit 8: Personal Narrative/Memoirs: Reading and Analyzing Mentor Texts
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT review the components of narrative writing: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence style and conventions.

Big Idea: Breaking down narratives into the core components: Answers the question what is in a narrative.

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