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I inserted this mini lesson in the middle of their drafting an essay to give students an immediate opportunity to apply this in an authentic task. I encouraged students to experiment with different ways of punctuating but did not make it a requirement. Few students ended up using them in their final essay. My first instinct is to just offer it as an option and not make it mandatory, at least initially, because I am also trying to encourage students to take control of their writing and make their own decisions. In the next writing task I assign I will remind them to experiment with punctuation and may even require that they use at least one new punctuation mark. Here is a sample essay that did experiment with punctuation. The sentence highlighted effectively uses a colon. She is an English Learner who is still working on gaining full control of language, but I’m thrilled with her experimentation.

  Relevance: Punctuation In Writing
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Punctuation Mini-Lesson As Students Draft Essays

Unit 10: Responses To The Things They Carried
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Objective: SWBAT understand the functions of punctuation by learning seldomly used marks and examining the way a master, Tim O’Brien, uses punctuation.

Big Idea: What better time to teach punctuation marks than when students are about to embark on a large writing assignment?

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