Reflection: Lesson Planning Mythology Reading Groups, Day 7 - Section 2: Independent Work: Read & Respond


The original plan for the smalls groups is that everyone reads the same four selections. This way there is plenty of opportunity for discussion and it builds a common ground for the completion of class projects. However, in one of the groups there were two students who chose one myth to read and two students that wanted to read different one. The second pair offered to read one of the more challenging myths (that other students avoided because it has too many pages!). Because I knew that they would apply good comprehension strategies and would seek out advice if needed, I allowed for the change in plans.

  Responding to Student Requests
  Lesson Planning: Responding to Student Requests
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Mythology Reading Groups, Day 7

Unit 11: Mythology
Lesson 12 of 16

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate comprehension of and evidence of analysis of a variety of myths.

Big Idea: Cooperation, collaboration & comprehension improve with group work. Oh, and we learn a thing or two about myths too!

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