Reflection: Real World Applications Learning of Decisions And Compromise, And Taking A Stand - Section 4: Working On An Outline


My concern that I may be skewing the evidence against Carhart turned out to be unfounded. Based on the outlines students worked on today, it is clear they are applying their own notions of a powerful piece of public art and making their own decision. More than half of the students are drafting thesis statements that support Carhart’s concerns with the wall, such as these two outlines

  Real World Applications: On the Images
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Learning of Decisions And Compromise, And Taking A Stand

Unit 10: Responses To The Things They Carried
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Objective: SWBAT prepare to write an opinion paper by learning of how the controversy over the Vietnam Veteran Memorial design was settled and by engaging with images that help them take a stand.

Big Idea: Powerful images can provide lasting impressions that help form an opinion.

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English / Language Arts, Writing Process, Writing, Reading, Analyzing images, responses to literature
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