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There was one common mistake that the majority of the students made when doing this lesson. During the whole group discussion, students were eager and ready to share their responses.  As I asked for students to share, hands shot up with confidence.  My first question, Who was correct Jake, or Astro?  Of course, the majority of the students felt Astro's explanation was correct.  Before sharing the statements of Jake and Astro, I had the students pair up and work out the problem.  I heard "Awww man, this is easy!"  " I got the answer in no time!"  "This wasn't hard!"  

It took about 2 minutes for the class to complete the problem.  There were a few, but not many, students who struggled with trying to find out where to begin.  One student added all of the numbers together.  The majority of the students doubled the time, because the measures were doubled.  This let me know that students could recognize the relationship between the first building's measures and the new buildings measures.  The obvious choice would be to double the time.  

Once I allowed one group to share out their thinking, everyone else followed suit in agreement.  I shared the videos of Jake and Astro.  Once Astro shared his thinking, the students lit up with cheers.  I had to slightly bust their bubble.  When they found out it was Jake who was correct, they were in shock.  What they did not take into account was volume.  After hearing the explanation, doing a visual, and talking through the reasoning, students understood that they needed to stop, pause, reread, model and solve.  

  A common mistake
  Intervention and Extension: A common mistake
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Astro Tower!

Unit 5: Proportional Reasoning
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT use mathematical practices to solve rigorous word problems that involve proportional reasoning.

Big Idea: Students will dive into the common core using to solve rigorous word problems involving proportional reasoning.

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