Reflection: Student Grouping Mythology Reading Groups, Day 4 - Section 3: Projects


During work on projects, this question comes up now and again: Can I work alone? I do not usually let the students work independently. There are enough opportunities for that during this unit of study and it is important that students learn the skills necessary to work productively with one another. I try to be as flexible as possible when giving approval for partnerships and for approving projects. Usually getting students interested in tapping into their creativity helps: Would you like to make a video? How about building a model? You can write a song or rap. This often solves the problem and the individual is happy in the end.

  Can I work alone?
  Student Grouping: Can I work alone?
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Mythology Reading Groups, Day 4

Unit 11: Mythology
Lesson 9 of 16

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate understanding of a myth by applying comprehension strategies and identify the common characteristics in a myth by citing specific details. Students explain how a story’s plot unfolds and how the characters respond.

Big Idea: “It’s just a simple box. What harm can come from just a peek inside?” Find how Pandora’s curiosity brought pain, misery and illness into the world according to Greek mythology.

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