Reflection: Checks for Understanding Shapes and Lines Assessment - Section 1: Attribute Assessment


It is important for students to be able to apply what they have learned and for me to watch the process of creation and not just view the finished product. I want to know that they have formed an understanding of basic geometry terms but I didn't want them to do a traditional paper and pencil task. My observations were crucial to the assessment. Just looking at the finished product could not give me all of the information that I needed. I had to watch the students in action.

As I watched students manipulate the rulers to draw line segments while they attempted to create a picture, I was able to see that students were now using the rulers correctly. Students measured from the end of the ruler, and not from the 1 inch mark. As students created trapezoids, I could see that they understood the concept of parallel lines on 2 sides and slanted lines on the other 2 sides. Their squares may not be perfect, but as I watched them draw I could see that they were trying to make every side the same size. If I had just looked at the finished product I might not have realized that students understood the concepts. I had to be an observer, and in some cases a questioner to make sure that I assessed student understanding, while allowing for the fact that at 7 years old they may not have the ability to draw a perfect shape. Precision in measuring was important but if the edges of the cube did not quite meet, I was able to make allowances for this (MP6). 


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Shapes and Lines Assessment

Unit 15: Geometry
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT display their understanding of lines, line segments, 2D shapes, and measurement to draw a creative drawing with given characteristics.

Big Idea: Students need to share their understandings of lines, line segments, shapes and attributes.

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Math, Geometry, Measurement, line segment, 2, shapes, attributes
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