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We need a little practice comparing numbers. We use AiMSweb Quantity Discrimination Measure (QDM) for one of our year-end Benchmark measures, and I have an idea to practice this skill—in context.

These comparing number lessons allow students to move, count, and record numbers while we prepare for our big Benchmark tests. Now, it’s not 100% aligned, students aren’t sitting for 60 seconds comparing numbers quickly, but we’re thinking about numbers in pairs and practicing the critical skill: comparing numbers.

They will be familiar with pairs of numbers and the phrasing, “Which is bigger?” after practicing. This should transfer to higher QDM scores. I will be sure to double-check my Year-end Benchmark QDM scores to be certain that my guess (hypothesis) is correct, and if not, I will make necessary adjustments!

  Getting ready for the Quantity Discrimination Measure (QDM)
  Standardized Tests (PARCC/Smarter Balanced): Getting ready for the Quantity Discrimination Measure (QDM)
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Comparing Numbers - with Apples!

Unit 5: Comparing Numbers
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT compare numbers, based on what he or she had for lunch!

Big Idea: We use our apples from lunch to illustrate, count, and compare numbers, as part of an assessment of their quantity discrimination.

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