Reflection: Vertical Alignment Jumping Into Math, Measurement & Data - Day 2 - Section 4: Presentations


During this lesson my students worked at and above grade level through the cooperation of all the students. The student groups in my classroom are created with differing levels of students, and the questions given to each group included students working at grade level as well as some students who are above grade level. 

I did not expect the students to be as successful with the fifth grade questions as they demonstrated.  I knew they would need some support from me while they were working on their chart and presentations, and I was thrilled they worked through the information to extend themselves to answer more complicated questions and solve more difficult mathematical equations. 

Because it did take the students longer than I expected to complete the charts, answer the questions, and make the presentations, I needed to provide more time for this lesson.  However, I feel that the information included in the presentations was so important, another class period was best used for this activity. 

Having third graders working at three grade levels on the same standard allowed the students to experience more complicated concepts with the support of their peers and the teacher.  This development of one standard across grade levels, allows teachers to differentiate one lesson to meet the needs and challenge all students. 

  Above Grade Level
  Vertical Alignment: Above Grade Level
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Jumping Into Math, Measurement & Data - Day 2

Unit 9: Measurement
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT construct arguments and answer questions about line plots with measurement data.

Big Idea: Students create line plots and analyze data using measurement data with quarter unit fractions.

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