Reflection: High Expectations Mineral Properties - Section 3: Physical Properties of Minerals


One of the single best pieces of professional development I've ever received was actually a mathematics-based professional development article that an experienced math teacher gave our team after leading a session - "Never say anything a kid can say." 

This has stuck with me since my 3rd year of teaching, and over that time, I've gotten better and better at implementing the advice. I think generating strong ratios of student talk-time, or pushing back student questions onto other students (or the class as a whole) can very much push student understanding and thinking. Sometimes, when students ask a a question, a simple response of "Who can help?" often generates a surprising array of helpful responses. Other times, to push student inquiry, after a student answers, I turn to someone else and ask them "Do you agree? Why?" Having students grapple with each other and holding them accountable to what others say is an important part of building a classroom based on strong critical thinking and high student accountability. 

  High Expectations: Student Voices
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Mineral Properties

Unit 1: Rocks & Minerals
Lesson 3 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify and describe the physical and chemical properties on which minerals are classified and how they are used | SWBAT use Moh’s Scale of Hardness to classify and identify minerals | SWBAT interpret the ‘Properties of Common Minerals’ table on the ESRT

Big Idea: This lesson focuses on identifying the common physical (and chemical) properties of minerals

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