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What a way to get the kids talking! They had a lot to say on this topic and were very vocal about their own opinions, which helped when we were trying to identify the author's opinion on roller coasters. The students were able to quickly understand author's bias because they were so connected to the topic. 

I was also very impressed with how the students marked up the text on their own, with little prompting from me.  This demonstrated their understanding of the skill and the importance of using it.  The markings they made helped the students to identify the support how the author used his opinions and facts to make his claims.  The students seem to gain a good understanding for author's bias.  This is very important with the shift to informational text that Common Core will bring into the classroom.  I was pleased to see such success. 

  Advanced Organizer Reflection
  Discourse and Questioning: Advanced Organizer Reflection
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The Power of Perspective

Unit 2: Unit 1: Part II- Analyzing Text
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT analyze a complex text in newspaper to determine how an author's perspective can influence the reader.

Big Idea: A war is caused by one author's perspective? Students learn the power of perspective and the dangers it can have when it falls into the wrong hands!

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