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I have six tables and there are 4-5 students at each table. Initially groupings are completely random. I ask the students to take a playing card and they sit with persons with the same card. I try to keep groupings random because there is so much collaboration and I want students to learn to work a variety of peers. I have Base seats for attendance. I switch seats for every activity. Typically I'll switch seats based upon student project choice. For example, if student designs are similar, they sit together. As I walk around, I can determine where there are issues. If there are issues with behavior, the next day I'll explain we are playing Musical Chairs and I'll mix up the groups. 

  Seating Charts and Groupings
  Classroom Setup: Seating Charts and Groupings
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Discovering Solar Energy

Unit 9: Designing for the Future: Designing a Solar Car
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Objective: SWBAT explain how a solar panel works and will determine the energy converted in a solar panel.

Big Idea: Can solar energy be THE energy for our future? Explore this authentic question with your class as you dive into the world of renewable energy.

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