Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Volcanoes and Math: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming - Section 3: Wrap-Up


You’ll notice I do this a fair amount; I have students teach other students to do something.  I know that if this process is well-monitored by the teacher, students can really benefit from this type of interaction.  They have to break things down into their component parts and contrary to that saying, “Those who can, do, those who can’t, teach,” it’s the opposite.  You really have to deeply understand something in order to be able to teach it.  Think of the teacher or professor we all had that couldn’t simplify things.  They understood the entire process but weren’t able to task analyze to present it to someone new to the idea.  What children are being asked to do here is complex.  To teach another child, a student needs to make no assumptions and to follow through on all the steps.  This process is naturally facilitated by the fact that often the child they are teaching truly doesn’t understand everything yet.

  Students as Teachers
  Student Self-Assessment: Students as Teachers
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Volcanoes and Math: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming

Unit 17: Volcanoes (Data Collection, Graphs, Addition & Subtraction)
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT will practice addition and subtraction with regrouping by independently searching a database for information about the last volcanic eruptions in Oregon, or Washington, Idaho and Wyoming. They will use this information to calculate elapsed time and record their data on a table and graph.

Big Idea: The advent of the internet has given us phenomenal access to real-world data that we can use to make practicing basic operations more relevant and interesting for students.

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Math, Numbers and Operations, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, technology integration, first week of school 4th grade, first week of school 5th grade
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