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This lesson was created after students really struggled on first part of their decomposing numbers (K.0A.3) assessment for the district-wide report card. We struggled, and the procedures that we seemed to know so well a few months back needed some review. It happens sometimes—especially when we are learning so much, so quickly.

Carefully timed refresher lessons are often just what we need to “brush up” on procedures and conceptual knowledge.  It’s super important to get student feedback to see “where they’re at” collectively before we move ahead and take an assessment, and even though kindergartners can really over-estimate their abilities, student input and teacher observation can combine to very effectively drive instruction. It seems we need one more lesson for the majority of our students to be ready for the final part of the assessment. I let the students guide our pace as we complete this important review.

  The students are driving the review lesson bus!
  Lesson Planning: The students are driving the review lesson bus!
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Making 6 - Restaurant Style

Unit 10: Decomposing Numbers
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: SWBAT create models to show number combinations to make the sum six.

Big Idea: Before our big report card assessment, we need a refresher on our decomposing process. We have a fun, familiar reminder with this lesson.

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Math, Number Sets, whole numbers
  40 minutes
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