Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Musical Fractions - Presentation & Evaluation - Section 3: Active Engagement


The optional writing activity related to the student presentations is heavily scaffolded because I want students to maintain a primary focus on the content (the musical notation and the fractional relationships).  In situations like this, it is appropriate to provide support for writing that wouldn't be included were they writing a composition independently.  Additionally, while I am asking them to look for mathematical and musical specifics, they are also using interesting and relevant adjectives and (hopefully) a few new phrases.  The format of an arts review, even in this elementary version, is still something that will be new to most of them, so this heavily supported exposure gives them the experience of fluent language, since they are only filling in the blanks, that will be one of many points of reference for them later on when they are writing more independently.  This is not intended to be a writing lesson, but it is an opportunity for them to write in math.

  Music Critics
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Music Critics
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Musical Fractions - Presentation & Evaluation

Unit 16: Musical Fractions
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT present their music compositions to others and explain the mathematical relationships between the notes.

Big Idea: Music is another avenue for learning about math and can help students discover the structure of fractions in a new way!

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Math, Music, Fractions, Critical Area
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