Reflection: High Expectations Levels of Questioning and Answering - Section 3: Practice Double Entry Journal


Throughout the year, students have written analytical responses.  Double Entry Journals are a form of analytical writing, however, I want students to realize that they need to continue to support claims or reasons with evidence that assists them in arriving at the claims/reasons.  This is the first time we are practicing this style of writing in response to novels.  For this reason, I modeled examples, had them respond individually, and then share in their small groups so that each student could be comfortable to share and receive feedback about their interpretations.

  Double Entry Journals
  High Expectations: Double Entry Journals
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Levels of Questioning and Answering

Unit 9: Tangerine - Novel
Lesson 2 of 19

Objective: SWBAT respond to interpretive questions using double-entry journal format.

Big Idea: Understanding Tangerine at a deeper level.

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English / Language Arts, conflict, novel, questioning
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