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I use music to teach fractions because it enables the students to engage with the math in a completely different way.  There are many sounds reasons to use musical scores to teach fractions. We are natural “rhythm seekers”, and music reflects that rhythm not only in how we interact with it, but also in how we record and communicate with it.  In the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, musical intelligence is described as "a sensitivity to and grasp of the elements of music. Students strong in this area are not necessarily gifted singers or musicians, but are likely to learn through rhythm."  The abstraction of fractions as a parts of a numeric whole is more intuitively clear to musically inclined students when they listen to the discrete duration of notes that represent fractional parts of a given measure in a particular time signature.  Many students are able to intuit the division of time in a measure because of their internal understanding of rhythm.  

  Why Use Music to Teach Fractions?
  Complex Tasks: Why Use Music to Teach Fractions?
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Musical Fractions - Interpretation & Creation (1)

Unit 16: Musical Fractions
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT write fraction equations to represent the measures in a very simple musical score and will prepare to create their first score!

Big Idea: Students use math, music and technology in this engaging lesson on fractions!

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