Reflection: Relevance Literature Circles: Examining Discussion Questions - Section 1: Presenting the Day's Small Group Task


One of my favorite group activities revolves around "reaching a consensus." This is so much easier said than done! When I tell a group of sixth graders, they must reach a consensus, nine times out of ten I'll get the question: Does that mean everyone has to agree? I pause... yikes, I respond. Yes, that is the goal. But is that always possible? Not always... we try to have everyone agree, but sometimes that means someone will have to compromise.

  Reaching a Consensus
  Relevance: Reaching a Consensus
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Literature Circles: Examining Discussion Questions

Unit 6: Multicultural Literature Circles
Lesson 6 of 17

Objective: SWBAT meet in small groups to discuss the next portion of their novel.

Big Idea: Why are we all asking the same questions? Students examine they're self generated discussion questions and decide upon commonalities.

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