Reflection: Lesson Planning Sequencing With "Rules At School" - Section 2: Vocabulary Introduction and Reading of the Story


When you look at the inside cover of the leveled readers you'll usually see the list of vocabulary words that the reading edition would like you to focus on for the week.  Although these words are a good place to start, you shouldn't necessarily only teach these words.

If you look at Appendix A in the Common Core standards, you'll see 3 tiers of vocabulary words on page 33. Simply put, the tiers of words can be explained as:

  • Tier One Words -  Words children use in their everyday speech.
  • Tier Two Words -  General Academic Vocabulary
  • Tier Three Words - Domain or Subject Specific Words

All three tiers of words are important for comprehension and vocabulary development, however tier two and three words require deliberate and intentional teaching in order for students to retain and use them.

This is where the listening and speaking standards come into play.  I listen very carefully as to what kinds of words my students already use in their every day vocabularies.  As I preview the texts for the following week, I look over the vocabulary that the reading series would like me to teach.  If my students already know a particular word, I'm not going to focus on that word for the week.  However, if there is a word in the text that I know my students don't know and it is not on the list of vocabulary words, then I know I need to bring that word out and teach it intentionally.  I am especially careful when we are reading texts with social studies and science connections because I know there will be many words that I need to focus students' attention on.

  What Words Do You Focus on With Vocabulary?
  Lesson Planning: What Words Do You Focus on With Vocabulary?
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Sequencing With "Rules At School"

Unit 14: Small Group Reading Lessons
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT sequence events and determine cause and effect relationships in a story.

Big Idea: How can you sequence school rules?

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English / Language Arts, Comprehension (Reading), sequencing, analysis, narrative
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