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Sometimes you will find yourself in a position where your district may require things that are not in your grade level for the Common Core standards. You can introduce these non Common Core skills while reinforcing the MP standards for math. Today I wanted students to be able to support the idea that the median and mode are not always the same for a spread of data. They needed to be able to construct a viable argument by watching the demonstrations (MP3). I asked them to do the thinking about whether the 2 numbers were always the same. I was also looking for precision (MP6) in the way they lined themselves up at the beginning of the activity. I asked them to silently line up in order, and then to listen as I read the numbers, and adjust if needed. In the later part of the lesson students had to make sense of the problems resulting from manipulating the data and had to solve them (MP1). Finally we were modeling with mathematics as we looked at a set of data and created graphical representations of our findings(MP4).

I taught median and mode because it was a district requirement, but I thought about the MP standards as I taught. I knew that I could reinforce my students mathematical process skills while I worked to meet the district requirement.

  Why Median and Mode
  Lesson Planning: Why Median and Mode
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Pets, Pets and More Pets

Unit 8: Numbers Have Patterns
Lesson 9 of 14

Objective: SWBAT count, graph and analyze the number of pets that classmates have.

Big Idea: Students love to talk about pets and in this lesson they can share how many pets they have.

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