Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Musical Fractions- Interpretation & Creation (2) - Section 2: Mini Lesson - Thirds and Sixths


Originally, I started my students off with the more complex example of 3/4 time that is now at the end of the mini-lesson section.  As much as I try to guard against it, sometimes content seems so obvious to me that I accidentally skip a critical step.  I saw that my students were a bit confused by some of the comments they made. Because I took this quick check-in on understanding I knew that I needed to return to the lesson and chunk it into the more logical parts presented here.  

First I taught just the thirds, then I taught just the sixths, THEN I put them together.  It's important to back up (or move in another direction) when it isn't working for students.  That seems obvious, but sometimes it's hard because I've developed an attachment to the material I've created and the ideas I have about teaching it.  Luckily, in this case, I was able to come back to the more complicated score after I put in the foundational pieces, and the students did enjoy it and learn from it!

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Musical Fractions- Interpretation & Creation (2)

Unit 16: Musical Fractions
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT write fraction equations to represent the measures in a very simple musical score, with a focus on thirds and sixths.

Big Idea: Help students make the natural connection between music and math!

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